dodger NOUN informal a person who evades something that is required of them: a tax dodger.

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  • dodger — dodg‧er [ˈdɒdʒə ǁ ˈdɑːdʒər] noun [countable] informal tax/​licence dodger TAX LAW someone who uses dishonest methods to avoid paying taxes: • Convicted tax dodgers can expect to receive a severe sentence. * * * dodger UK US /ˈdɒdʒər …   Financial and business terms

  • dodger — dodg er, n. 1. One who dodges or evades; one who plays fast and loose, or uses tricky devices. Smart. [1913 Webster] 2. A small handbill. [U. S.] [1913 Webster] 3. See {Corndodger}. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Dodger — Dodg er, prop. n. a member of the professional baseball team called the Dodgers. At one time the team was headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, when it was called the Borrooklyn Dodgers, but the franchise was transferred to Los Angeles. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • dodger — (n.) 1560s, one who dodges, in the literal or figurative (especially underworld) senses of DODGE (Cf. dodge). The U.S. word meaning corn cake is recorded from 1831, perhaps a different word (Cf. Northern English dialectal dodge lump, large piece …   Etymology dictionary

  • dodger — [däj′ər] n. 1. a person who dodges 2. a tricky, dishonest person; shifty rascal 3. CORNDODGER ☆ 4. a small handbill 5. Photog. a device for dodging: see DODGE (vt. 4) …   English World dictionary

  • dodger — UK [ˈdɒdʒə(r)] / US [ˈdɑdʒər] noun [countable] Word forms dodger : singular dodger plural dodgers tax/fare etc dodger someone who illegally avoids paying something such as a tax or a rail or bus fare He s a well known tax dodger. fare dodgers on… …   English dictionary

  • Dodger — Not to be confused with Dodgers. For other uses, see Dodger (disambiguation). Dodger is a term used in sailing and sailboats. It is a frame supported canvas (sometimes with vinyl windows) structure providing a helmsman and other occupants of a… …   Wikipedia

  • dodger — /doj euhr/, n. 1. a person who dodges. 2. a shifty person, esp. one who persistently evades a responsibility, as specified: tax dodger; draft dodger. 3. a leafhopper. 4. a small handbill; throwaway. 5. Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. See… …   Universalium

  • dodger — noun a) One who dodges. b) (Nautical) A small windscreen and cover device, to protect personnel from driving rain or weather. See Also: draft dodger, tax dodger, artful dodger …   Wiktionary

  • dodger — Synonyms and related words: Artful Dodger, Casanova, Don Juan, Machiavel, Machiavelli, Machiavellian, Philadelphia lawyer, Yankee horse trader, actor, aegis, arm guard, ash cake, ash pone, backstop, bamboozler, befuddler, beguiler, buffer,… …   Moby Thesaurus

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